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Substance Abuse & Mental Health Go Hand in Hand

In many cases, patients who are suffering from addictions to alcohol and drugs are also suffering from a mental illness. When most people go to the typical treatment facility in Burnsville, MN, they receive treatment for their substance abuse issues, but not the mental health issues that are actually causing the problem. At River Ridge, we offer dual diagnosis treatment to ensure every patient gets the best chance at a successful long-term outcome.

We Treat Both Issues Simultaneously

Taking the time to treat one issue and then the other doesn’t always produce the same results. Therefore, we work hard to create a plan that will treat both issues at the same time. We don’t just work toward healing the symptoms of mental illness, which can often be substance abuse. We also look at the underlying mental illness and determine how to treat it at the same time through dual diagnosis treatment. This ensures once the substance abuse issue is resolved, the patient will have a lower chance of a relapse because the mental illness will be addressed properly.

We Put You on the Path to Recovery

Recovering from an addiction is rarely an easy thing, especially when you’re also dealing with a mental health issue. This is why we offer dual diagnosis treatment options. We are dedicated to providing care for your whole body, mind, and spirit. This approach is more likely to provide a higher chance of success without relapse.

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Substance Abuse And Mental Health Services

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