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River Ridge Recovery opened its doors in 1972 to meet the need for chemical dependency treatment in Dakota County, Minnesota.

Over the past 45 years River Ridge Recovery has experienced multiple relocations and several changes in management. Clinical services have steadily evolved to reflect the most current research and new strategies, techniques, and materials have been continuously introduced. One thing has remained constant throughout the years – our commitment to providing the highest quality care.

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River Ridge Recovery offers Same Day Telehealth Substance Use Disorder/ Rule 25 Assessments and Mental Health Diagnostic Assessments Monday-Friday!

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Mission Statement

River Ridge Recovery provides holistic client care in the treatment of co-occurring mental health and addiction
needs in a trauma-responsive, gender-responsive, and client-empowered setting.

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Our Gender Responsive and Trauma-Responsive Programs

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River Ridge Recovery anti-kickback and anti-client brokering statement: River Ridge Recovery has not and will not use client brokering or pay kickbacks for client referrals. We never have and never will.

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Mental Health Services In Eagan, MN

Mental health has been at the forefront in recent years, encouraging individuals to get the help they need and break free of the stigma surrounding this important aspect of health. When patients turn to River Ridge, they will receive the mental health treatment they need to improve their outlook on life and ensure they can become more productive in their daily lives. We also offer a chemical dependency treatment plan that is designed to give patients the best chance of overcoming their addiction to alcohol or drugs of any type, along with DWI programs for those who have been convicted. We specialize in gender responsive treatment plans for residents of Eagan, MN, focusing on the unique needs and perspective of the individual’s gender.

Family Therapy In Eagan

Sometimes mental health issues aren’t enough to require extensive treatment. In these situations, we can offer therapy and counseling options that will help give a new perspective on life and help individuals work together for everyone’s benefit. Whether you are looking for the ideal location for family therapy or you need couples counseling, we are ready to assist. Our trained and experienced counselors are ready to sit down with you and discuss the ideal frequency and duration of treatment to ensure you have someone to talk you through the difficult times in your life.

Dual Diagnosis Treatment In Eagan

In many cases, addictive behavior is the result of an underlying mental illness. Unfortunately, many treatment facilities only treat the addiction, not the underlying cause, which increases the chances of replacing, even with the help of relapse prevention. We specialize in dual diagnosis treatment, so patients have the best chance of a successful outcome for their case. Once the substance abuse treatment and mental health treatment are completed, we also offer relapse prevention plans for Eagan, MN, residents to ensure patients have the support they need to continue along the path to wellness.

Residential & Outpatient Treatment In Eagan

In addition to providing outpatient treatment for individuals who are suffering from substance abuse and mental health issues, we offer the same options as other residential facilities. Those who require constant supervision and more comprehensive treatment plans can stay in residence until their treatment plan is complete or they are able to move on to outpatient treatments.

Our Office - Eagan, MN

Unlike other outpatient and residential facilities, we take a unique approach to how we treat substance abuse and mental illness. We offer both traumas responsive and gender responsive treatment options, as well as educational programming to ensure everyone has the information and support they need to be successful, whether they are the patient or they are family or friends who are interested in providing support to a recovering addict or someone suffering from a mental illness.

If you’re in the Eagan, MN, area and need help with mental illness or substance abuse, contact us. We will help you create a treatment plan with the best chance of a successful outcome.

Substance Abuse And Mental Health Services

Do you or someone you know have a problem with substance use or mental health issues?

At River Ridge Recovery, we know how confusing and frustrating it can be.

We are here to help.

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