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3 Common Myths About Addiction

3 Common Myths About Addiction

When someone hears the words addiction or substance abuse, their opinions are immediately clouded with misconceptions and assumptions. This makes it difficult for friends and family members to truly understand what an addicted loved one is going through. These misconceptions and assumptions are then turned into myths about Substance abuse, addiction and alcoholism. At River Ridge, we are proud to educate you on addiction and bust some of these popular myths in Minneapolis.

Lacking Willpower

Many people assume that people who are addicted just lack the willpower to stop drinking or taking drugs. However, addiction actually changes the brain chemistry of the user, impairing their willpower and self-control. In many cases addiction is classified as a chronic disease, meaning its long-lasting and can be controlled but not cured.


Another common misconception is that there is only one type of treatment for addiction. There is no one option that works for everyone. An inpatient alcohol and drug rehab program might work great for someone, but an outpatient drug rehab program may work better for others. It really depends on the individual and their substance abuse and addiction history.

Prescription Drugs

Sadly, a bulk of the population believes that prescription drugs are safer than illicit drugs because they are recommended by a doctor. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, prescription drugs can be just as dangerous and addictive as illicit drugs. Unfortunately, some prescription drugs, such as opioids, can result in addiction even if they were prescribed by a doctor. This is one of the leading causes of substance abuse today.

A high-quality treatment center, such as River Ridge, should have a variety of treatment options and will help you choose which is right for your loved one. Based on a series of test upon arrival, we will be able to create an individualized treatment plan for your loved one near Minneapolis.

Source: National Institute on Drug Abuse

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