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Coping with Mental Illness

Published on April 18th, 2018

Living with a mental illness or having a loved one suffer from a mental illness can be extremely difficult. Approximately 54 million Americans suffer from some sort of mental illness during a year. The good news? You aren’t alone! Our mental health services in Minneapolis provide you with the guidance and skills you need to successfully cope.

What is a Mental Illness?

Understand that mental illnesses are a disease! They cause mild to severe disturbances or changes in thoughts or behavior to the point that they interrupt daily life. There are over 200 classified forms of mental illness, but more common ones include depression, dementia, bipolar disorder and anxiety disorders. The effects of mental illness are not only mental but can transform into physical effects as well.

Warning Signs

Because mental illness comes in such a wide variety of forms, the warning signs are different. Some things to take note of include confusion, extreme highs and lows, prolonged sadness, substance use, strong feelings of anger, social withdrawal, dramatic changes in eating or sleeping habits, suicidal thoughts and an increasing inability to deal with everyday issues.

Dealing with Mental Illness

Whether you or a loved one is suffering, dealing with mental illness is difficult. Accepting your feelings is first and foremost in feeling better. Understand that the things you are feeling are normal for someone in your situation. It’s important to develop a support system so there’s always someone on which you can rely. Seeking counseling through our mental health services in Minneapolis may be the right next step for everyone involved. Contact River Ridge to find out more information and to set up an appointment.

Source: Mental Health America

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