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Could You Benefit from Couples Counseling?

Published on March 29th, 2018

Don’t let the common negative stereotype of couples counseling scare you away. Couples counseling in Minneapolis can benefit a wide array of relationships; whether you’re on the verge of separating from your partner and want to salvage the relationship or if you’re in a good place with your partner and want to develop a stronger relationship, couples counseling can benefit you.

Here are some signs you should consider attending couples counseling with your partner.

Excessive Fighting

This one is obvious but important to address. Fighting is bound to happen, but it’s the way in which you fight that is important. Avoid name-calling and yelling, as they are “unhealthy” ways to fight. Regardless, couples counseling will show you how to treat each other with respect.


If you can’t have a conversation without bickering, you might consider couples counseling. The bickering will quickly make every conversation feel exhausting and bickering often happens because of larger underlying issues.

You Pretend Everything is Fine

Brushing things under the rug is just as bad as constantly fighting. This is equivalent to putting a Band-Aid on the larger issue and although it may work in the short-term, it will blow up in your face down the road.

The Same Issues Arise

If you’re constantly bugging your partner about important topics like marriage and kids, this isn’t healthy. Talking in circles is a sign you need a better way to talk through your issues.

You’re Making a Big Life Change

Not all reasons for therapy are negative! Getting a therapist’s help before moving in together, getting engaged, having kids or other milestones can be a great way to work together as a team and work towards success.

Your Partner Wants It

Being on the same page with your partner doesn’t always happen naturally. If one of you wants to try therapy, the other should respect that decision and give it their best shot.

Couples counseling in Minneapolis can be a great resource for you and your partner. If you have questions or concerns about counseling and want a resource, contact River Ridge today!

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