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Why Dual Diagnosis Treatment May Make All The Difference

Published on July 12th, 2016

Co-Occuring Disorders

Dual diagnosis treatment is the process of treating co-occurring disorders simultaneously and exploring how these disorders inform each other to better understand the root of the problem. Co-occurring disorders may be any combination of addiction and mental health problems. For example, a patient may exhibit both alcoholism and depression. Similarly, a patient may experience drug addiction or dependency may also have PTSD or anxiety. Because these illnesses are integrated, they require an integrated treatment.

Integrated treatments for dual diagnoses combine the most effective parts of both traditional substance abuse therapy as well as mental health treatment. This increases the likelihood of a full recovery.

History of Mental Health Counseling

Earlier versions of mental health counseling separated addiction and mental health problems. There was a time where some addicts were refused proper mental health care until they had beaten their addiction. However, it has since been recognized that there is a strong connection between mental health and addiction. In fact, the National Bureau of Economic research defines the connection between addictive substances and mental illness as “definite”. Because they two are so intertwined, treatment needs to address both simultaneously to be optimally effective.

Dual Diagnosis Treatment Minnetonka

There is no single Dual Diagnosis treatment. Different cases require their own specific means of treatment. If you or a loved one suffer from co-occurring disorders involving addiction, the first step will be an initial assessment by a certified counseling professional. This assessment will uncover what services may be required, their magnitude, and their timespan. Some patients will be referred to individual therapy, while others will be recommended group or family sessions. Programs differ from patient to patient. They may be out patient or residential, and they are gender responsive—all depending on the needs of each client.

Addiction is a Disease

Addiction can be a debilitating disease, only magnified when coupled with a mental health problem. Do not let one of a set of co-occurring disorders go untreated, when the treatment of both is necessary for a successful recovery.

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