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Mental Health Glossary

Mental Health Glossary

When discussing mental health, there are a multitude of words that the medical community uses that can be difficult for the lay person to understand, or that might have a particular meaning in the context of mental health that could be different from its general meaning. We want our patients and website visitors to understand what these words mean and how we use them in the context of mental health treatment.


  • Assessment
    • An evaluation of a client’s chemical and/or mental health
  • Chronic
    • Chronic conditions are those that last for long periods of time
  • Client Empowerment
    • Giving clients the tools they need to successfully combat mental health conditions
  • Co-Occurring
    • When multiple conditions, either relating to chemical dependency and/or mental health, are present at the same time
  • Fatal
    • Conditions that result in death
  • Gender-Responsive
    • When treatment caters to the differences and needs of the patient’s gender
  • Outpatient
    • When chemical dependency and/or mental health services are provided at our locations without the client living on-site
  • Primary Diagnosis
    • When an addiction isn’t caused by other mental health diagnoses such as anxiety or depression, but is worsened when symptoms are not addressed
  • Progressive
    • Progressive conditions are those that get worse if they are not addressed. Progressive conditions can be triggered by the single use of a substance after treatment and healing has happened
  • Psychometric Evaluation
    • An assessment which aims to measure psychological traits of a person including things like knowledge, abilities, attitudes, personality, and educational achievement
  • Relapse
    • When a person who has been treated for addiction goes back to addictive behaviors after treatment
  • Residential
    • Treatment that occurs while a patient is living on-site
  • Trauma-Focused
    • Treatment that centers around processing traumatic experiences, managing distressing thoughts, feelings, and behaviors, and enhancing the safety and wellness of a patient


If you or your loved ones have any questions or need further assistance with information regarding chemical dependency, mental health, or therapy services, please call our Intake Specialists at 952-894-7722 or send us an email at [email protected]

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