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River Ridge Treatment – Methods to Improve Self-Esteem

River Ridge Treatment – Methods to Improve Self-Esteem

The belief we have in ourselves – confidence in our abilities, appearance, and everything that we are – is a psychological concept known as self-esteem. Self-esteem begins to develop in childhood, and as time passes, we are given tools that either enhance our perception of our own self worth and value, or tear it down.

Self-Esteem Improvement

Some people develop healthy self-esteem while others struggle to see the good in themselves. Self-esteem can and does fluctuate between high and low depending on what is happening in our lives.

Things That Impact Self-Esteem Negatively

At an early age, we learn what others think of us, and eventually, those perceptions become our own. Because of this, our self-esteem is directly influenced by the community and society that we live in. If the thoughts, actions, or opinions of a parent, teacher, or another adult are consistently enforcing a negative perception of who we are or how we act, this can be detrimental to our self-esteem.

Additionally, if as an individual, you fail to reflect the beauty standards of the society in which you live, you may grow up to think you are undesirable and unattractive. You might also be negatively influenced if you do not meet mainstream expectations in regard to weight, race, social status, sexual orientation, or other arbitrary metrics imposed by society.

Mental health conditions can also have a negative impact on self-esteem. Even for those who meet their community’s social standards, suffering from a mental illness can diminish their perception of their self-worth. When an individual is unable to manage their emotions or their mood, it can make them feel inadequate and incompetent – leading to a negative view of self.

Negative Self-Esteem

If you are dealing with a mental health issue, it is important to recognize when your self-esteem is being impacted. If you feel you are unable to manage these feelings on your own, it is vital that you seek help from within your own support network or from one of the treatment facilities in MN.

Building Self-Esteem

While outside factors continually affect self-esteem, boosting your self esteem is done from within. Whether you feel like you’ve always had low self-esteem, or life has recently thrown you curve (or several), that has made you question your self-worth, here are a few tips to help build you up.


Repeating simple, short, encouraging sayings, referred to as affirmations, is a great way to boost your self-esteem. You might be surprised how repeating simple sayings like “I can do this,” “I am loved,” or “I’ve got this,” can affect your mood and how you feel about yourself. You are enough – and this simple habit can help remind you of that fact.

You may hear positive affirmations from others, but the most important voice when it comes to building your self-esteem, is your own. If you’re not quite sure how to get started, here is a list of affirmations that you might find helpful.

Hobbies and Activities

Make time to do something you love – large or small, it does not matter as long as it brings you joy. As children, we always find time to do the things we really enjoy, but often as we grow into adults, our passions tend to get buried under all the responsibilities we incur. Whether it’s playing music or listening to it, painting, swimming, or collecting old books, dedicating some time to it will help you to become happier and more confident.

Remember, your desires and talents are there because they are part of what makes you unique. Indulging these passions is a great way to build up your self-esteem.


Being grateful helps to put our own life into perspective, and it helps us focus on the positive aspects of our existence. It’s a magical potion that has the ability to improve so many areas of our lives, while also showing appreciation to others. Most importantly, we must remember to thank ourselves – as when we find a few things each day to be thankful for, it helps to build our self-esteem. Remember, even when things become overwhelming, you are always there for you – and that deserves recognition.

Gratitude Changes Everything

Seek Help When You Need It

Sometimes we need a little help when it comes to building self-esteem. No matter where you are in your life, you did not arrive here all by yourself. You had both negative and positive influences, and sometimes the negative influences can be too difficult to handle on your own.

Whether you find yourself dealing with alcohol or drugs and are searching for addiction treatment, or you are looking for a mental health treatment center near Eagan, MN that offers a wide variety of options, our counselors are here to help.

Located in Eagan, we serve the local community with in-person and tele-health options for mental health services around Eagan. Whether you are looking for one-on-one counseling, or hope to join a support group, reach out to our compassionate staff at River Ridge today.

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