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The Benefits of Family Therapy

Published on July 17th, 2019

Family affects who you are as a person—who you become and who you choose to be, for better or for worse. It’s possible that all families will deal with dysfunction at some point in their lives and there will need to be work on the family’s part to regain a sense of wholeness. River Ridge offers family therapy near Minneapolis because we know that substance abuse affects more than just the victim—spouses, parents, children, and more all face the aftermath.



Family counseling is a form of treatment designed to address specific issues that affect the health and function of a family. Holistic approaches have proven extremely effective when treating problems within a family. Some, but not all, benefits of family therapy, include:

  • A better understanding of healthy boundaries when it comes to family patterns and dynamics
  • Enhanced family communication and improved problem solving
  • Deeper empathy for all family members



We are aware that all families are unique and need different forms of treatment so we schedule conferences that are based on individual needs. All of our family therapy services are open to all River Ridge clients and their families because we know that every family has issues that need to be worked through.

We offer individual, family, and couples counseling because family therapy near Minneapolis can help provide the guidance needed to create harmony in your family once again. River Ridge’s professional staff works with you and your family to ensure you are listened to and we can help sort through issues that are causing you trouble. Contact us today here or call us at 952.894.7722 to receive help.

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