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The Faces of Substance Abuse

Published on January 22nd, 2019

What is substance abuse and is it the same for everyone? Substance abuse differs from person to person and it can be triggered by various things. Sometimes it is a result of emotional or mental problems, and sometimes it’s something much larger. Whatever the root of the abuse is, it affects not only the person living with it but also family and friends. At River Ridge, we are here to help you treat substance abuse in Minneapolis.


Narcotics are a nationwide problem and can find their way into people’s lives without being noticed. This can result in devastation to a person and his or her loved ones.  Attempting to trace where the problem started from can be difficult, but with the right treatment and a support system, many individuals are able to break their habits.


With the rise of the Juul and other electric cigarette brands, tobacco and nicotine addictions are on the rise. Just like a lot of other substances, if you use too much nicotine, it will have negative effects. Unfortunately, kids are starting to smoke at a much younger ages which can lead into other substance abuse problems down the road.


Alcoholism affects millions of people and can be very dangerous due to the fact that many people with alcoholism hide it from their peers. Most people who use alcohol as an escape do so alone.

It is hard to confront someone with a substance abuse issue, no matter how close you are. Seeking the help of professionals can help you navigate these issues better. If you are worried about a loved one, or have questions related to substance abuse in Minneapolis, feel free to contact us at River Ridge.

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