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Tips for Controlling Anxiety During Quarantine

Tips for Controlling Anxiety During Quarantine

Managing anxiety can be difficult enough as it is, and throwing a global pandemic into the mix is a curveball that is hard to ignore. Spending weeks (even months) on end in isolation can be extremely difficult for your mental health, especially when you factor in concerns regarding catching the virus itself, running out of essential supplies, the media, and more. Seeking mental health service in Minneapolis is nothing you should be ashamed of, but especially during such a trying time. 

Here are a handful of helpful tips from our team to navigate the remainder of quarantine. 

Change Your Perspective

Instead of feeling anxious about being “stuck inside” your home or your apartment, try to view the situation in a more positive light. View this as an opportunity to focus on your home and yourself and feel grateful that you have a safe haven to resort to in this time of need. It’s also important that you don’t put too much pressure on yourself to be extremely productive on a daily basis. It’s okay if you only accomplish one productive thing per day as long as you’re putting forth your best effort. 

Don’t Get Wrapped Up in Media Coverage

It’s easy to get sucked into the stress of the media coverage surrounding COVID-19. Make sure you’re only turning to reputable sources and limiting your time reading through pages of Google search results. Stay informed but limit yourself to 30-45 minutes of coverage per day. 

Establish a Routine

Another essential part of combating anxiety during this time is by establishing a routine. Even if the routine isn’t your normal routine, shifting into the new normal can help you know what’s coming next all while keeping you motivated. Make sure to shower daily, continue staying active, eating well and doing household chores. 

We’re all in this together! What have been your most helpful tips to get through this difficult time?

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