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What Is Dual Diagnosis?

What Is Dual Diagnosis?

Dual diagnosis is a term used to describe a circumstance in which a person experiences a mental illness and substance abuse problem at the same time. Dual diagnosis is a broad category and can range from mild depression and binge drinking to bipolar disorder and drug abuse. The mental illness can happen first and lead to an abuse problem, or the abuse problem can happen first and cause mental illness. If you are in need of mental health and/or substance abuse treatment Minneapolis, River Ridge has a program

Is Dual Diagnosis Common?

Because both mental illness and substance abuse make a person vulnerable, it shouldn’t be surprising that they often occur simultaneously. About one third of people experiencing mental illness also struggle with substance abuse issues. Similarly, about half of all drug abusers and one third of alcohol abusers also experience a mental illness. In addition, men are more likely to develop a dual diagnosis or co-occurring disorder than women.

How Do You Treat A Dual Diagnosis?

Co-occurring disorders are chronic diseases that affect the whole person – mind, body, and spirit. A person with a dual diagnosis suffers from two different illnesses in which both of them need to be treated – either separately or with a cohesive treatment plan that addresses both issues. Abstinence from all mood-altering chemicals and stable mental health are the foundation for building a new, healthy and rewarding lifestyle. Unfortunately, many treatment facilities only treat the addiction and not its underlying cause. As a preferred facility for mental health and substance abuse treatment Minneapolis, River Ridge specializes in dual diagnosis and co-occurring disorders. A few of the main goals for our program include:

  • Maintaining abstinence from mood altering chemicals
  • Enhancing personal motivation for long term recovery
  • Identifying individual strengths and abilities
  • Developing new relational and coping skills
  • Building a support system within their family and community
  • Trauma education, therapy, and support
  • If you or a loved one is struggling with a dual diagnosis, contact River Ridge today for mental health and substance abuse treatment
  • Minneapolis. We will help you create a treatment plan with the best chance of a successful outcome.

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