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Recovery is being in a place where we are healthy in mind, body and spirit.  Recovery has different dimensions and many pathways. We are here to assist you in exploring these dimensions and walking down the pathways you create, with the goal of being beside you on this journey that we have once traveled ourselves. These are some of the services River Ridge Recovery offers through our Peer Recovery Specialists. Our Certified Peer Recovery Specialists will act as:

  • An Ally and Confidant who cares about your recovery, actively listens to you, is trustworthy, stable and consistent.
  • A Motivator/Cheerleader who believes in your capacity for change, motivates, encourages, celebrates your efforts and progress.
  • A Role Model/Mentor who offers our own life as an example of healthy living, “walks the walk” and provides recovery information appropriate to where you are in your recovery.
  • A Truth Teller who provides honest and helpful information, helps to identify patterns of behavior, offer suggestions, and doesn’t “sugar coat” things.
  • A Problem Solver who helps identify potential problem areas, assists you to problem solve, doesn’t tell you what to do but helps with options in a non-judgmental way.
  • A Resource Specialist who provides connections to the recovery community, treatment and other support services, knows the local system of care and how to navigate it, and has established contacts/partnerships in the recovery community.
  • An Advocate who assists and educates you in your recovery and protects your rights.

To connect with our Certified Peer Recovery Specialists, please call 952-894-7722.

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