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Adolescent Diversion

The Adolescent Diversion Program is a 4.5 hour course designed to provide education about substance abuse among teens. The program consists of group sessions, an information lecture, and supplemental videos. A parent or guardian is required to attend with the teen, for the entire course.

Program Highlights

  • An informational drug and alcohol lecture coving new research and statistics about the effects alcohol has on human brain chemistry, genetic pre-disposition and vulnerability to addiction, and marijuana use and abuse.
  • Legal ramifications of driving while intoxicated
  • Parents and teens will have the opportunity to speak separately to the facilitator to share stories or struggles, ask questions, and discuss topics such as peer pressure, reasons why teens use, chemical availability, and consequences of chemical use.

Pre-registration is required for all programs. For details and to register please call 952-894-7722.

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