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Sober Living – Help in Recovery

River Ridge Recovery is pleased to announce that we currently offer affordable sober housing opportunities through our new rent credit program. Clients actively involved in our Intensive Outpatient and High Intensity Outpatient programs are eligible.

River Ridge Recovery has partnered with independent sober living home providers to assist clients who are receiving treatment with us. This partnership provides access to safe, supportive, high-quality homes that align with our values and meet the highest standard of care. These sober recovery community affiliations are an important part of our compassionate addiction treatment, ensuring our clients receive the services they need to succeed in recovery.

What is a Sober Living Home?

A sober living home is a safe place to stay where an individual can focus on starting their new life free from alcohol and other addictive substances. The members of this supportive community provide motivation and encouragement while helping new residents learn how to develop healthy habits and routines that will aid them on their journey.

Benefits of Sober Houses near Minneapolis

Choosing to reside in a sober house can offer several helpful benefits to men and women in recovery.

Transitioning Back into Society is Easier

The thought of maintaining sobriety while reentering the world after treatment may be overwhelming to an individual. Sober housing teaches residents how to become more independent and to rely on themselves rather than alcohol or other substances. Sober environments empower clients with coping strategies and conflict resolution skills that will help them succeed in the long term.

Meaningful Relationships Can Be Created

It isn’t uncommon to feel alone when battling addiction. In sober housing, you will interact with a variety of different types of people who have experienced the same struggles you have. Building relationships with fellow residents is an essential part of your journey to recovery because they understand what you’ve been through and how you feel. Your recovery residence family will become a significant source of support, comfort, and understanding.

Reduce the Risk of Relapsing

A sober living environment eliminates the triggers that exist in your home environment, allowing you to practice the coping skills you learned in treatment and to focus on your recovery. Without triggers present, the risk of relapsing into old habits is greatly reduced.

Continuous Support & Structure

Structure can help prevent you from returning to prior behaviors that are destructive to your sobriety. Sober housing is typically run by a manager that not only enforces rules and holds individuals accountable for their actions, but also provides support and help with any issues you may have. Structure and a strong support system help ensure that you, and your fellow residents, take your recovery seriously.

Learn Valuable Life Skills

Sober housing will teach you important life skills you will need to support yourself in the outside world. Some of these vital life skills include:

  • Obtaining & Maintaining a Full-Time Job
  • Going to Work Every Day
  • Maintaining Your Hygiene
  • Doing Laundry
  • Grocery Shopping for the Household

How Does the Rent Credit Program Work?

Before partnering with a sober living home provider, all homes are evaluated in person by River Ridge Recovery. Once approved, a rent credit program will be offered. River Ridge Recovery then commits to supporting these sober homes by providing ongoing communication and supportive education concerning the needs of our clients currently struggling with substance use and mental health disorders. All rent credit payments are made by River Ridge Recovery directly to the approved sober living homes provider.

The amount of credit for sober living homes is dependent upon your level of treatment programming hours with River Ridge Recovery and is as follows:

Level of Treatment (minimum hours) Housing Credit per month*
High Intensity Outpatient – 80 hours or more per month $550.00
Intensive Outpatient – 48 hours or more per month $350.00
Outpatient – 16 hours or more per month $100.00

*Early discharge or non-compliance with River Ridge Recovery’s attendance policy will affect the rent credit.

Safe Sober Living near Minneapolis

Addiction isn’t a battle you have to face alone – that’s why we work closely with quality sober living facilities in St. Paul and other locations throughout Minnesota. River Ridge Recovery has been providing the highest quality treatment programs and personalized care to individuals struggling with the various forms of addiction for 50 years. If you would like more information on how River Ridge Recovery can help you or a loved one with alcohol or substance use, please give us a call or fill out our online form.

If you are a provider of a sober living home and are interested in partnering with River Ridge Recovery, please contact us at 952-894-7722 to learn more.

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Sober Living Homes

St. Paul Spirit House

Four homes for men located in the St Paul area. Contact Barb Madigan for information.

Avalon Sober House

Two homes for men in the St Paul area. Contact Bruce Knight for information

Summit Hill Sober Living

Six homes for women in the Summit Hill area of St Paul. Contact Lori Kustritz for information

True North Recovery

One home for women in the Mac-Groveland area of St Paul. Contact Ann Costello-Junge for information.

Meraki Recovery Housing

Five homes for men in Blaine, Coon Rapids, Isanti, Ramsey and Ham Lake. One home for women in Ramsey. Contact Krista Johnson for information.

American Sober Living

American Sober Living, two homes for men in the Minnetonka and Edina communities.  Another home that is available in Minneapolis.  Contact Jon Bartelt or ILA Dummer for information. 

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