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Chemical dependency is a chronic disease and relapse is an unfortunate reality for some individuals. Without the proper support, individuals who may have gone through their entire treatment plan without setbacks could be at risk for falling back into old behaviors. This is especially true once they return to their regular daily lives where temptations are real. This is why a proper relapse prevention program in Burnsville, MN, is important to a patient’s overall success.

A Fully Customized Option

River Ridge provides customized relapse programming that begins with a thorough assessment of factors that may be barriers to long-term, continuous sobriety. A treatment plan is developed that includes group sessions, educational lectures, individual sessions, and family conferences. Clients learn about triggers and warning signs, stress prevention, and the importance of developing a sober support system. They are exposed to a wide variety of skills that will help them cope with both internal and external high-risk situations. We understand everyone is unique and want to make sure each patient gets the support they need to maximize their chances of success.

The intensity and duration of programming are based on individual need. Our Recovery Maintenance Program is typically up to 12 weeks with various options for continuing care. We look at each patient’s level of risk, as well as the length of their overall treatment plan, to ensure everyone gets the support they need to successfully integrate back into their life with a smaller chance of relapse.

A Critical Component

Patients in Burnsville, MN, who visit facilities that don’t offer relapse prevention programs, are at a much greater risk for relapsing back into old habits. This is why we have put a program in place to help give our patients the tools they need to resist the temptation and fight against their former drug and alcohol addiction. There’s no such thing as a cured addict. Everyone is in recovery for the rest of their lives, which means they need to work extra hard to make sure they don’t fall back into it. This can be difficult if you are returning to the same environment from which you came.

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