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If you’re struggling with both mental health concerns and substance use problems, River Ridge Recovery can help. We offer an intensive outpatient treatment program specifically for women, which addresses both types of issues. Our program is dually gender-responsive and trauma-responsive to help you find the individualized support you need during your recovery.

Our outpatient treatment program is designed to help you address your behavioral health issues while continuing to live your normal life. This includes being able to work, go to school, and fulfill your other responsibilities.

You are not your addiction, trauma, or pain, and compassionate, personalized care is in reach! We offer same-day substance use disorder assessments Monday through Friday, 8:00 AM to 5 PM. Simply walk in to our Eagan location or call 952-522-1770 to schedule an appointment.

What is Women’s IOP?

What is Women’s IOP?

The Intensive Outpatient Program (or IOP) is a treatment series that helps women facing substance use disorders and mental illnesses gain the skills they need to facilitate a successful recovery. Unlike inpatient programs, IOP allows you to continue working or going to school while receiving treatment.

Our women’s IOP is unique because it recognizes the role gender and trauma can play in your journey to recovery. Our program is also designed to focus on co-occurring disorders, rather than simply focusing on substance use or mental health. This combination allows us to provide the most effective and targeted treatment.

Women’s IOP is designed for individuals who cannot or do not need to attend inpatient care. However, for women wishing to receive more structured support, we do provide women’s residential treatment in Minnesota as well.

What are Co-Occurring Disorders?

What are Co-Occurring Disorders?

Substance use and mental illnesses often co-occur. In other words, individuals with substance use issues may also experience conditions such as depression, anxiety, or post-traumatic stress.

These disorders can interact and affect each other, ultimately making your symptoms more severe and complicated. Regardless of which disorder appeared first or is more prominent, it is essential to treat both with integrated services.

Research clearly shows that integrated services produce better overall outcomes for patients and their families. All River Ridge Recovery programs are licensed by the Minnesota Department of Human Services to provide co-occurring services of substance abuse treatment and mental disorder treatment.

Our Staff

Our staff is organized to ensure each client receives the highest level of multi-disciplinary care.

Our clinical staff includes:

  • Licensed Alcohol and Drug Counselors
  • Licensed Professional Clinical Counselors
  • Licensed Marriage and Family Therapists
  • Consulting Psychiatrists
  • Consulting Neuro-Psychologist
  • Peer Recovery Support Specialists

What Can Our Women’s Outpatient Program Help You Achieve?

Our Women’s Intensive Outpatient Program will empower you to succeed in your recovery and live the life you want to live. More specifically, we help you develop the skills you need to:

  • Maintain abstinence from mood-altering substances
  • Enhance your personal motivation for long-term recovery
  • Identify individual strengths and abilities
  • Learn new emotional coping skills
  • Develop relational skills
  • Build a support system within your family and community
  • Learn and practice recovery maintenance skills

Our Outpatient Women’s Treatment Services

Outpatient Women's Treatment Services

We offer our program during both morning and evening hours to accommodate individual schedules. Currently, we offer a hybrid model of in-person and telehealth platforms.

Our outpatient program is divided into two levels of care:

  1. Integrated Recovery: Patients who choose this program will go through a minimum of 9 hours of intensive outpatient services each week. Treatment may involve group therapy, individual therapy, creating strategies to tackle co-occurring disorders, developing DBT skills, and family programming.
  2. Sustaining Recovery: This is generally a step down from our Integrated Recovery programming. Patients seeking this level of program will take on a minimum of 3 hours per week of services. These may include group therapy, mindfulness-based relapse prevention, and ongoing recovery skills.

How Do I Pay For Treatment?

River Ridge Recovery is in-network with most major health insurance companies, including Minnesota Prepaid Medical Assistance Program (PMAP) plans. In addition, we also accept county behavioral health funds, Rule 25, and direct access.

Why Choose River Ridge Recovery?

At River Ridge Recovery, we believe that every woman is unique. For this reason, each level of care should be personalized to fit her needs. To achieve this goal, we work with you to create a personalized plan of treatment. This plan considers not only your diagnosis, but your personal history, your gender, your health history, and your preferences to create a system that will help you thrive.

Our small staff-to-client ratio allows us to deliver individualized attention while addressing the person as a whole—body, mind, and spirit. Our comprehensive and robust set of services reflects the most up-to-date research and psychology-based science.

We help you build belief in your ability to succeed because we know it’s not just about what we do for you, but also what you learn to do for yourself. We provide the guidance, care, and tools so you can change your narrative and change your life.

How Do I Get Started?

When you arrive for your initial assessment, you’ll talk with a Licensed Alcohol and Drug Counselor about your symptoms and what you’re experiencing. During this assessment, the counselor will make recommendations for outpatient or inpatient care. Then, we’ll work with you to develop an initial schedule and treatment plan. Each plan is designed to meet your needs and capitalize on your unique strengths and abilities.

Men’s and women’s services follow the same basic program structure and schedule. However, all groups and activities are held separately by gender. In addition, the materials and treatment strategies utilized are designed to reflect the needs of each gender. We have programs running from 8 AM to 9 PM during the week.

Schedule Your Initial Assessment

If you’re interested in the possibilities of gender-responsive outpatient treatment, reach out to the team at River Ridge Recovery.

We offer same-day substance use disorder assessments Monday through Friday, 8:00 AM to 5 PM. You can simply walk in to our Eagan location or call 952-522-1770 to schedule an appointment.

We’re located at 4555 Erin Drive, Suite 200, Eagan, MN 55122. Please use the upper-level entrance.

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